Items now for sale


Driftwood Curlew £35

Oak Door stops finished in Danish oil £6

Bottle stopper £12.50 each

Bud vases £15

Gin Chopping Boards £15

Oak Chopping Boards from £25. To £40

Heart trinket bowl £20

Heart tea light holder £25

Set of 3 candle sticks £60

Oak bottle openers £10

Champagne flute £25

Yarn Bowl (Sold) can be made to order

Tulip wood acrylic rim £40 (sold) can be made to order

Acrylic large rim bowl £40 sold can be made to order

Pens £15 with felt case

Bud vases £10

Fence post Bud vase £25

Pears £18 each (sold)

Burl wine stoppers £12.50

Laburnum Bud vases £30

Sycamore thin stem flower £30

Purple wine stopper £12.50

Pear Bud vase £25

Pine Pear £30